Media In Lebanon

So who’s satisfied with our Media? Who of you is happy with what they are offering us?

I am a senior Journalism student in the Lebanese University, regardless of how stressful and chaotic my University can be, the pressure I am constantly under from people around me is horrifying.

Friends, family and parents ask me not to dive into the Lebanese Media Ethics, they constantly push into creating my own, traveling and learning from the best.

I never got the hang of an argument, I failed at convincing everyone that the Media in Lebanon, by all it’s forms, print, radio & Tv, I failed at convincing my entourage that it is fine, for it’s not!

In other news, following up on my obsession with Freedom of Speech, I was (earlier tonight) Banned from posting any comments or liking ANYTHING shared on Enta Horr’s Facebook page:

Why? Maybe because , and for the first time in weeks, I used my Journalistic common sense arguing the show about an issue which they might have tackled in the wrong way.

Enta Horr stands for : You are Free.

I can see where this is going.

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