Beautiful Syrian Refugees in Aarsal.

As a reporter, I was lucky enough during my 8 months at NOW Lebanon, to visit refugees around Lebanon, interview them and spend some time with the families.

Camp hosting Syrian Refugees

Digging out hidden stories to the public, to inform whoever lives in the city and is clueless about the crisis happening in some villages hosting Syrian refugees is what we do best.

Enjoying some goodies offered by a local farmer.

What made each trip memorable yet heartbreaking was that look on each child’s face waving at us goodbye, it said too much, they trusted us, we were on a mission, spreading their stories, informing people about them making sure that they are not left alone as refugees who have nothing left.

The fact that I can’t do anything about it anymore makes me very sad now. Juggling between University and projects, one barely has time to sleep. And whenever I cuddle up all warm in my bed, trying to relax, I find myself thinking of those children.

Sometimes I get this crazy idea, I start daydreaming about pausing everything for a year, and volunteering, helping out.

Chanting for Freedom

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