What I’ve been up to since the beginning of 2012 summed up by the beautiful On Youth Team whom I had the chance to meet in Beirut a couple of weeks back.

A very big THANK YOU!

On Youth

We’d like to introduce you to Luna Safwan, a third year journalism student, human rights and freedom of speech activist, and contributor to NOW Lebanon, a news website for arts, culture and social issues facing Lebanon. Luna also runs two blogs: one called Beirutologie, which documents her love/hate relationship with her home city; another called Luna Safwan Reporter, a more serious blog that she uses for more political articles. Luna has also just released her first short documentary on a Syrian refugee village in Lebanon, Aarsal. A few days after we met with Luna for our interview, the documentary was aired on the Orient TV channel.

We started off talking about her first blog, Beirutologie, and life in Beirut. Luna praises Beirut for its diversity and how it is scattered with Arabic joints, French places, jazz bars, electronic party scenes, coffee shops… and the list goes on…

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